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Absolute Encoder Built-in Height Gage

Absolute Encoder Built-in Height Gage offered comes in quality construction finish and comes supported by built-in linear encoder support for eliminating necessity of setting reference point during power-on. Further, the product provides for enhanced usage reliability with no possibility of over-speed errors. Some of its features include rigid column structure for ensuring high measuring accuracy; large smooth slider feed wheel; carbide-tipped scriber support; comes with SPC data output; LCD display support; comes with alarm support for low voltage, counting value composition error.

Slider Feed Wheel

Slider Feed Wheel offeredcomprises height gauge with absolute measuring scale that provides for clear display support as well as economical functioning. As a digital height gauge, it comes supported by larger slider feed wheel that offers fine control which allows slider to be accurately positioned at defined height within measuring range. Some of its features include superior design that provides for excellent grip support; allows for easier movement of instrument over a surface plate; can also be made available in OEM configuration choices.

Names of Parts

  • Base
  • Column
  • Slider
  • Feed wheel
  • Dial
  • Bezel
  • Counter
  • Reset button
  • Scriber
  • Jaw
  • Scriber clamp
  • Slider clamp
  • Fixing beam


Tool Instruments


• ORIGIN (Absolute Origin) Setting Function
The surface plate top, etc., can be stored as the absolute origin.

• ABS (Absolute) Measurement Function
After power-on, measuring can begin without zero-setting as required by previous models. Also, the absolute origin position can be changed with the ORIGIN (Absolute Origin) switch.

• INC (Incremental) Measurement Function
This function allows the origin setup at an arbitrary position in addition to the ABS (Absolute) Measurement Function. In this case turning the power off clears the new origin from memory, and reverts the gage back to it’s original absolute origin.

• Hold Function
A display value can be held as is.

• Output Function
The output terminals of measured data allow you toestablish a statistical process control system or a measurement support system.

• Low Battery Alarm
This function notifies you of that the battery has significantly been consumed with mark “ ” before the gage is put in a state that it can make no measurement.
The timing of battery replacement is recognized beforehand.

Useful Accessories
• Holder arm C which allows a test indicator to be attached to this gage and the clamp (with a dovetail groove) are available as optional accessories. (Refer to specifications.)

Large Clamp Lever

Large Clamp Lever offered comprise large lever that allows users to conveniently lock slider at any position on column. Further, these clamp levers also meet the demands of assuring desired process stability and precision. The superior column cross-section also provides for increased rigidity to the product. Our expertise also lies in making these available in custom OEM configurations as demanded by the customers.

Base Tool Instruments

Product Details:
  • Application: Industrial, Laboratory

Base Tool Instruments offered can be made available by us in different construction specifications as well as in flawless construction finish so as to provide for lasting performance. Further, these tool instruments are developed as per industry standards and can also be OEM constructed as demanded by the customers. The precision design standards of these instruments also makes these provide for lasting performance.

Specification :

  • Color: Silver,Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Measurement Range: 0-150mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.2mm
  • Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"
  • System: mm/inch
  • Package: Carton Box

Column Measuring Instruments

  • Durability and high measuring accuracy are ensured.
  • Increased rigidity: 1.38" x 0.59" (35 x 15mm) common to all models.
  • Instrumental error of 12"/300mm model: ±.0015"/±0.03mm, an improvement over earlier models.

Large Liquid Crystal Display

  • Character size: 0.39" x 0.15" (10 x 3.8mm), is larger and easier to read compared to earlier models.
  • Readable in dark environments.

Output Function Provided

  • Measured data can be output to the small printer Digimatic Mini Processor DP-1VR (optional) or to a personal computer via the input tool (optional).
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